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The single biggest challenge facing candidates today is standing out from the crowd. With social media and online job boards multiplying the volume of responses that recruiters receive, your key priority must be to make your CV / Resume distinctive and compelling. We recognise that many talented individuals are becoming increasingly frustrated by the online application procedure - and are potentially missing out on some tremendous career opportunities as a result. If you feel this sense of frustration - or simply want your CV to make an instant impact - we would very much like to help.


Internet sites – that’s to say job boards and corporate careers sites - have become the most important recruitment advertising channel for HR Managers and Recruiters, alongside social media sites.

The biggest downside of these channels is that they have brought about a tremendous increase in the volumes of applications that recruiters must now review. Candidates can increasingly select jobs and submit applications in a matter of minutes, where previously applications might have taken hours. The reality is that the time HR managers can now spend to review each incoming application has been slashed to cope with the volumes. As a candidate you need to make sure your major selling points jump out at the reader.

Top-Consultant's team of recruitment specialists understand the changes that have been occurring in the recruitment market and can help give your online applications greater impact. Our specialists can also provide you with honest feedback about your potential, unclouded by client relationships or bias.

Given the importance of first impressions, you should assume therefore that you have no more than a few seconds to impress when the recruiter opens your application. This may well mean your CV needs to be totally re-written, or at the very least modified. With this in mind, Top-Consultant has developed this CV review service to give your applications an edge. We're here to provide the expert guidance you need to perfect your CV and maximise your impact.

Our CV Review Service

"Our mission is to provide you as a candidate with impartial, time-critical advice that will help perfect your CV and fulfil your professional goals."

Our expert team will review your CV and will provide personal feedback on how you can improve the success of your applications. Submit your CV today and our team guarantee to get back to you with comprehensive suggestions within 5 working days. This service will only cost £99 (incl vat).

Our personal CV review service comes with a money-back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose. Don't delay, to make certain that your application makes an instant impact, click here for a CV review

Our service commitment to you comprises:

  • Undertaking a full assessment of your CV in terms of both presentation and marketability
  • Providing personalised feedback and suggested actions to improve your CV via a phone consultation
  • Ensuring you receive our full recommendations within 5 working days
  • Guaranteeing a money-back refund if our team are not able to make suggestions to enhance your marketability